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You can start the Internet speed test by clicking on the Test Your Speed button at the center of the page. In order to measure your download and upload speed respectively it will download and upload single files respectively from your network. This way after calculating average speed it measures how long your connection takes to download it.

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The website provides answer to "how to check internet speed" with unique global broadband statistics, and free of cost. Any individual can check our world results segment, in which you can browse and discover top notch bandwidth speed providers in the country and their specific locations. In addition, you can join different universities, corporate firms and governments that have employed www.internetspeedtest.in as a unparalleled source of bandwidth testing.

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You could be using your network connection at work, or at home using a dial-up modem, ISDN connection, a cable modem, or a digital subscriber line (DSL). Whatever the device or technology you're using to surf the Web, we'll tell you the speed of your Internet connection.


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